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I was born and raised in the Philippines, one of the beautiful countries and the only Catholic country in Southeast Asia, while the rest  are dominated by other religions like Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Confucianism, etc. The Philippines is the melting pot of western and eastern cultures because of its colonial history. Spaniards, Americans and Japanese in successions invaded my country for decades.



Being born in a multi-cultural country, I was fascinated by the Filipinos dexterity, resiliency and beauty. Theirs is a multi-faceted character that is known the world over. This is one of the reasons, too, why a number of Filipinos had won several beauty titles in the past such as, Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss Earth, Miss International and the likes, to name a few.


I considered myself lucky to have fulfilled all my dreams prior to my retirement. Sales and marketing is my forte and it was the only thing I did in the last four decades I am a father to two wonderful grown-up kids, a grandfather to a handsome six-year old boy and married to my younger looking and beautiful wife for forty years.



My wife was born a teacher and has been in the confines of schools since she graduated from college with no let-ups.  Once a teacher is always a teacher the reason why she still works and manages schools up to now. Our life is quite simple but we both love to travel. Our goal is to keep on traveling while we can and go to places where we have not been yet like Europe, which is next to our bucket list.



The evolution of technology is a never ending process. I saw professional writers who turned into blog writers and became successful in their newly-found careers. But instead of publishing their articles on newspapers which was the norm then, they published them online so that their readers and followers can access the information sooner, anytime and anywhere. This is a major breakthrough that happened in writing.


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I have come to think, why not I try blog writing, too, during my spare time and to make my brains active once again. My wife told me I still got what it takes to be a successful blog writer. ( I hope she was not pulling my leg when she said that : ). I realized this is also one way of reconnecting with my old friends and relatives alike who work and live abroad. Who knows, maybe blog writing can even slow down my aging process. I will just think of niches which I am familiar with like politics, boxing, organic medicines and backyard farming to name a few subjects. I can even write something about my personal advocacy.

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While you are reading this About Me content, I have already published my first two articles which will test the water so to speak. These articles will also shrug off some rusts that my system accumulated in the past while I was idle. As my vocabulary grew thinner just like my hairline, I hope it can grow thicker once more as my writing progresses. I have much more to offer in the future. Kindly bear with me and keep my company.

Lastly, thank you for your time and for dropping by. I will try my best to make your next visit worthwhile. Many thanks and my best regards!thank you



Credits go to wikimedia.org, sxc.hu, free images, istock for photos and images used in this page.

10 thoughts on “About Me

  1. wow Rene happy to read your new blog, hope to read and see more of your blogs, keep it up…..NILDA (Germany)

    1. Hi Nilda,
      Greetings from me and Cora. It’s nice to reconnect with you. It will push me to write some more in the future. Keep safe always.

  2. Hello… I haven’t started reading your article but rest assured I’ll do that. I just wanted to commend you for posting your ideas and I pray that many readers will benefit from this site. Continue doing what your heart desires and may God bless you!!

    1. My best regards to you and Rene. Thanks for the encouraging words that will inspire me more to continue my writing. Keep safe and God bless!

  3. sir, sana po magkaroon na din ng write up about filipino colonial mentality.😊

    1. Thank you so much Mariah for your time. No worries, I will do what you have requested. My best regards!


  4. Hi! great reads from a fellow writer who I truly look up to!
    I love the patriotic touch in every piece which makes me prouder of my roots. Nostalgic but entertaining!
    Kudos Daddy Rene!

    1. Hi Ms. Jackie,

      Thank you so much for your kindest comment! You have gone far in your journey. Wish you all the best in your conquest in the land of the rising sun!

  5. I’ve been living abroad for many years now, so it’s refreshing and at the same time enlightening to read about our country again. I feel like I have already lost my foothold in terms of knowledge of our country’s history so reading about it at this time and age feels like I am back in school — re-learning about and learning from our country’s past. So thank you and more power!

    1. Hi Ms. KSP,
      You sound familiar, maybe I know you and you know me. Oh, I realized now! You are my no.1 fun and I am your no. 1. fan naman. Thank you so much anak. Ingat lagi. Lab yu.

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