January 7, 2018

International Women’s Day

Women’s Special Occasion

Once a year, of which the date falls on March 8, more than a hundred countries including the Philippines, took time out to dedicate and celebrate “International Women’s Day”, a global celebration that befits the women’s role in our society and their countless contributions to the nation building and recognizing their social and political achievements.

To say the least, we owe them the kind of world where we live today and we cannot imagine what world this could be without them around. Thereby, it is only apt to give them the honor that they truly deserve.

The Filipina Women, Too,

In the Philippines, Filipina women will not be outdone when it comes to women’s rights recognition. Like their worldwide counterparts, they also celebrate the “International Women’s Day” by marching in Manila’s major thorough fares and in other minor cities in the country, calling the government to exhaust its efforts to narrow down the so-called gender gap that puts them in the sideline of men. Being humans, they believe everyone is created equal in all senses of the world.

But what is happening now is controverted to the aspirations and expectations of women in all places of the world. In the Philippines for example, we cannot ignore the huge loss of lives, damage to properties and the displacements of our Christian and Muslim women in Marawi City caused by the recent armed conflicts between the Philippine armed forces and the IS inspired terrorists who occupied the city for almost half a year.



After heavy fighting that took place between the rebels and government troops and heavy bombardments of the place, the rebels were finally repulsed and flushed out of the place. The world witnessed the destruction of houses, buildings and infrastructures that crumbled to the ground. Although the damage is repairable, it will take many years and huge amount of money to completely rebuilt and rehabilitate the city of Marawi.

Making Women As War Pawns

In the Marawi City siege, countless Filipinas were taken prisoners and subjected to different kinds of abuses, some of them were tortured and enslaved and forced to act as comfort women to the whims of their terrorist captors.


Image result for Filipina muslim evacuees


Resilient like a Philippine bamboo, some women who exhibited courage were able to survive their ordeals while the others perished and were not lucky enough to see the next sunrise. It was such a harrowing experience that the survivors had undergone and without a doubt, it would leave an indelible mark on their well-beings.

It is quite alarming how women ended up in horrific situations and subjected to almost all kinds of physical abuse and violence. In the West African state of Sierra Leone where ethnic civil war broke out in 2001,  around 50,000 women fell victims to torture, imprisonment and forced labor. Some were abducted and raped, forced to do camp cleaning and fetching water. Some women were used as human shields and some of them were tasked to participate in mine clearing operations which put their lives and limbs at risks. And to those who were able to flee, had suffered the same fate even in their countries of asylum.

To date, the same situation is happening in neighboring country of Myanmar, a predominantly Buddhist country in which Rohingya Muslims are persecuted and driven out of their homeland.



These Rohingya Muslims took refuge to Bangladesh, believed to be the place where they originally came from. Now, their fate hangs in balance since the Bangladeshi government is in the process of their immediate repatriations because it is an impoverished country which could not afford to feed and give shelters even to their own kin, while Rohingya Muslim women and girls who are parts of the exodus, certainly face a bleak future and countless risks in all directions.

Women’s Day Past Celebration Highlights

Putting the International Women’s Day celebration in retrospect, this women’s day celebration had taken place for more than a hundred years, dating back in 1903. It is an annual event dedicated for women and celebrated in different fashions.


Image result for Barack Obama


Since the United States is an ardent advocate of women’s rights, former President Barack Obama had called the Americans to reflect on the extraordinary achievements of women all over the world and proclaimed it as “Women’s History Month”.

On the eve of “International Women’s Day” celebration, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had done her share by launching the “100 Women Initiative”:


Image result for Hillary Clinton


Empowering Women and Girls through International Exchanges and before the celebration ended, the Red Cross called on the US States and other government agencies to continue their efforts in preventing rape of women and other forms of sexual violence against women.

Several countries follow suits and in their own ways celebrated the “International Women’s Day”.  Honoring women, a long-hauled flight that covered more than 14,000 miles was handled by all-female personnel,  non-stop from New Delhi, India to Los Angeles, California, USA.

In Egypt, hundreds of men showed up in Tahrir Square, they harassed and chased women who came out to stand up for their rights. Since the protesting women were practically outnumbered by men, they could not hold on to their ground anymore and finally retreated. It is ironic that police and military men just stood by and did nothing to stop the fray as the event unfolded under their watch.


Image result for Egyptian women marching


The United Nations also called for more action in helping mothers and wives of men who had gone missing due to some armed conflicts. Notwithstanding the grief and economic difficulties of women who lost their husbands and sons. The rights of women were reduced, restricted and reversed as observed by former UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres.


Image result for UN logo


Back To The Home Turf

Speaking of abuses and violence against women, there are lots of them in the Philippines. Maybe a few had been reported to the proper authorities that took action to catch the perpetrators who remained scot-free after bribing the arresting officers.

Rape victims preferred to keep silent and let the incident be forgotten over time. Would someone want to report she was raped when she would be exposed to ridicule and shame afterwards.



Besides, justice in this country moves in a very slow pace, there is too much backlog of cases in courts all over the archipelago and some were thrown to the dustbins of history, except for some sensational cases that will catch the attention of media. The concerned authorities will move fast to put behind bars whoever is guilty of the crime and to get some free media mileage, of course!

Why I touched this subject? Simply because this is one of the many reasons that have pushed Filipinas to seek foreign lifetime partners. Most of those Filipinas who were raped and violated feel they have also lost their self-esteem. They feel that getting married to a non-Filipino national is the only way of getting out of their life miseries and getting back their self- respect and honor.


Nowadays, some Filipina rights advocates are making some progress. There are already some bills that are pending in the Upper House espoused by a couple of feisty lady senators. These bills aim to protect the rights of women and to enable them to prosper in all kinds of endeavor in likelihood of men;


Image result for philippine womens right advocates


Some women media practitioners are also taking their share by providing media exposures to some issues that concerns women’s rights. With the help of social media networks, local and foreign-based Filipina rights advocates are banding together.  Promoting women’s rights advocacy is on the right track. It started a baby step, now, it is taking a big leap forward.



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January 2, 2018


What To Do Today, Do It Tomorrow

Filipinos have been embracing Catholicism since the time the Spaniards colonized the Philippines. Being Catholics, they also embraced some habits that are being practiced up to now.



One of these habits which we call mañana in Spanish, while procrastination in English, this habit, somehow, affected the way they live, keeping them from moving up, making progress in their lives and to change their standards of living for the better. Majority of the people remained poor, uneducated and unemployed especially in the hinterlands.



It seems, colonial mentality has done its part and it is still running in the blood of the Filipinos.

Living With Unfounded Beliefs

In all aspects of the life of the Filipino, come several superstitions which some of them have no basis at all. Like for instance, if one relative died and in the state of wake in the house, cleaning the litters such as cigarette butts, candy wrappers and dusts of people who came in to condole the bereaved, is not allowed and considered a big mistake!  It is believed that if someone cleans the house, he/she will be the next to die.



(Who will want to die after all?), nobody would, so, no house cleaning yet, just keep it dirty until the dead is buried. Being superstitious is still running in the blood of the Filipinos!

I, myself, remembers some superstitious beliefs which sometimes evoke my laughter such as, you may get insane when you take a bath during full moon, taking a bath during Friday will get you ill,



If you sing during full moon, you are inviting some evil spirits to come to you. Don’t clean up the table if a single lady still eats, if not, she will remain a spinster forever!

And Some More Of Them

Another superstition being practiced, even during these modern times, smiling or greeting a baby when you are hungry is not advisable because they believe, this will make the baby sick.



A precautionary measure to keep the baby from further harm is applying immediately some of your saliva to the baby’s abdomen to repulse the impending curse you might cause. This is quite unsanitary, but it works and effective!, they say.

Take note of this one, when you sweep the floor at night, you also sweep your luck altogether out of your door.



E.g.: (If you have some lotto bets that night, your chances of winning are already nil). Better luck next time? There are still some more beliefs which I cannot talk about anymore, due to lack of space. But here is the good one, in a Filipino household, if one family member or somebody leaves during meal time, all the plates on the table shall be turned clockwise, in so doing, they believe it will ensure a safe passage for the traveler along the way up to his/her destination. This is nicer compared to the others!

On The Lighter Side

There are many cases of blissful marriages on the lives of Filipinas through dating sites that fortunately, ended up to “live happily ever after!” liner. To those who found their “Mr Rights”, their marriage became successful, resulted to long- lasting relationships and unions.



They were able to sustain the initial spark of their marriage to last, as the husband and wife put their efforts together to enable their marriage to thrive. They produced kids who are beautiful, handsome, with fair complexions and huge built, a far cry from the Filipina’s old form and physique then which is relatively small and petite.



Some foreign husbands of Filipinas have come to love the Philippines, even chose to stay in here because of its tropical climate which they need to maintain sun-tanned bodies. They don’t worry about cold season as there is no winter here.

They easily adjusted to the living conditions here, tried and savored the local cuisine and the scenic places, had some fun in learning and speaking the language, too. Some have gone to their homelands with their Filipina wives, but the hospitality which the Filipinos are known for, keeps them coming back. Once they are here, it gives them the feelings that they are always welcome and wanted.



The Modern Day Filipina

Let’s talk about the femininity of the modern-day Filipina. She is seeking for a higher education now, wanting a diploma or a college degree because she knows the importance of education and she believes it is the platform where she can catapult herself to level up his living condition.



The Filipina burns the midnight oil and will strive hard, make some sacrifices to finish her education and later, to fulfill her dreams. She is, today, the epitome of the so-called Maria Clara image of yesteryear, naive looking, but now a street smart lady with an attitude.

She is firm on her belief about the sanctity of marriage because for her, raising kids out of wedlock is a huge sin and very unchristian, always proud to be a Filipina, in thoughts and in deeds, responsible and law-abiding citizen of her country. From a homely and denigrated image, the Filipina has gone through a great transformation.



She can be seen now making waves in the corporate world, occupying top-level positions such as CEO, President and senior executives of different companies and business institutions. You will see them excelling on different fields of endeavor such as, in sports, entertainment, academe, beauty pageants, competing here and abroad to bring honors and accolades to their beloved country.



Rare Cultural Background

Among Asian countries, the Philippines is the only place in which western, Hispanic and eastern cultures mixed in harmony. Filipinos learned to write, read and speak English language a long time ago, aside from Tagalog, (Tagalog is the local dialect while English is the second means of communications), they also learned other languages such as Spanish,(spoken by the nouveau riche in the olden days, Mandarin, (widely spoken by Fil-Chinese), and Nihongo language which is taught in some language schools for those who will want to work in Japan. This qualifies the Filipinos to break the language barrier that some of their Asian neighbors could not able to do so.



To know about the Philippines more, one should know a little of her geography. Down further south, is a small concentration of Muslims in some provinces in which Muslim ladies are also in the forefront of modernization while keeping their strict Muslim culture intact.

They work in different government agencies in different capacities, some of them have already made names for themselves. They are also achievers in their own rights which is very much alike with their Christian ladies counterparts.


Today, the Filipina is in the crossroad of realization and redemption. She has to realize her role in the society that she is empowered to bring about change in her community, that she is not that lame personality who is bullied and despised by others before. All the more, she has to believe in herself that she can do what she ought to do!

She has to redeem herself from the quagmire of uncertainties in which she has been stuck for so long. The time has come for her to leave from her state of oblivion and reassert her existence in order for her to take her fair share of the world she lives.



She should not resort to fence sitting which will not do her good but harm. Watching the time passing by between two sides is some sort of doing nothing to get something. “What you sow is what you reap”, and it can never  be changed!

The world is still young but the time is ticking fast, what she can do today, she should do it now. Why wait for tomorrow and end up in self-pity when you do not have the luxury of time anymore? Filipina, it is your turn and your time!




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December 20, 2017


Discussing Fake Dating Sites Anew

We have come along way about our dating sites subject, we already know that there are some good, legitimate ones and also the presence of bad ones, the fake and scammers, in particular. It is imperative that we educate and enlighten our fellow Filipinas for them to be able to avoid fake dating sites which wreck havoc on the lives of some Filipinas who were victimized in recent times.


They are cramming the internet horizon like vultures hovering above the unsuspecting Filipina ladies who are on the search of their future foreign life-time partners through online dating sites.

Simple Tips That Help

There are some other ways for Filipinas to enable them to avoid fake dating sites and to choose the right ones. These are simple tips that will help them a lot so as not to fall victims, let me enumerate some of them,

Don’t just talk to persons or start conversation with foreigners whom you have not known or heard of from online dating sites nor provide your personal information that they may be used later for some  unlawful activities.


Image result for caucasian guy talking


Of late, there are some cases which some Filipinas who were married to African nationals became drug couriers and became human trafficking accomplishes.

Keep away from visiting sites that are looking for ladies of various nationalities whom would be duped later to get involved in the flesh trade.



Beware of fixers, dubious persons who represent certain dating sites which are non-existent and foreign nationals who claim they are married to Filipinas in order to sway you around, get your trust and confidence after which they would reveal their ulterior motives to victimize you.

Be careful in clicking on sites with good sounding dating site names, if you click on them, you will be connected to some sites that peddle pornography.

Mail order bride is alive and well again, simply because Filipinas continue entertaining this scheme which always puts them at the other side of the fence.



Come to think of it, how can a Filipina expect a successful marriage when all she would do is to enlist herself in a catalog, to be chosen by a person (she doesn’t know from adam),  through her photograph to become his bride. Relationship cannot buy time,  it takes some time to get it nurtured and developed to fruition.



Besides, we seldom see a successful marriage hatched from this mail-order bride scheme.

Likeable Character Traits

Why Filipina is one of the most sought-after ladies on the planet by foreign nationals looking for their life-time partners.  Western, European, Asian and Australian guys alike.  All of them prefer Filipina over her other Asian counterparts.

If you ask them about being preferential to Filipinas, their only answer is this, they find Filipina a near perfect partner to attain a successful and lasting marriage. What has made her so?

We always say, “it takes two to tango”. Is Filipina a good dancer? Maybe yes, maybe not! Maybe good dancing skills help in some other ways. But one thing is sure, marrying a Filipina is something like finding the missing link that will lead to a happy and fruitful marriage.


To dig deeper, we touch on the culture and characteristics of the Filipina which placed her, shall we say, on top of the food chain, in an innate terminology.

Keeping Marriage Intact

In the Philippines, divorce is not practiced at all because of Filipinos’ strong Catholic faith, although, there are newly crafted bills that are pending in Congress espousing it. A battle of nerves between the Philippine lawmakers and the Catholic church is already in the offing. Who will end up victorious between the two protagonists is still a big question mark !


Filipina is known the world over in her submissiveness towards her husband and life partner. She will accept and conform with the decision of her husband easily to avoid misunderstanding that will lead to quarrels. A character which is unlikely seen on western women, even on some other Asian ladies.

Some More Attributes

She is ready to make sacrifices in order to maintain the harmony in her marriage to the extent of swallowing her pride sometimes. She is ready to put her foot forward but not afraid to back down if the situation asks for it.

Filipinas can speak, write and read English language which is another plus factor for her in communicating with foreigners.



She is religious and basically following Christian teachings. God-fearing, helpful, compassionate and most of all, family oriented. She is always after the welfare of her family members, parents and siblings.

Filipino family works as a team, helping each others out, the task of one is the task of all. One for all, all for one!



This trait however sometimes puts her in quandary because once a foreigner marries a Filipina, it is something like he also marries her family because he has to share that responsibility of taking care of the family members of his Filipina wife,  being her husband.

A Cut Above The Rest

No other woman even her Asian counterparts possess this very rare and impeccable trait. Western women are known in seeking equal footing with their husbands when it comes to decision-making in their households. They believe marriage is also a partnership that provides equal rights to both parties. A belief that many times led to some squabbles and wranglings between the husband and the wife that eventually leads to separation.


Another thing is her being faithful to her husband, if she is at risk and the honor and dignity of her husband is compromised, she is willing and able to defend them by all means, even if, it will cost her life. If her husband leaves, her husband can have a sound sleep anywhere and anytime. When he comes home, there is a guarantee his honor and dignity  has remained intact, even during his absence.

What a lovely way really, to fall in love with a Filipina!


It is a never ending story telling but somehow it has reached to some points of which this blog is targeting. Educating Filipina about the dangers of fake dating sites. To be forewarned is to be forearmed. We cannot just let our fellow Filipinas slip from the clip and watch them falling down. An ounce of prevention worth’s a pound of cure, as the cliche goes.


A good Samaritan never fails to offer help when needed. Keeping our eyes closed and keeping our fingers crossed will not do any help at all. Even if I sound like a broken piece of record, so be it,  I will never mind. It is always better to be a part of the solution rather than to be a part of the problem.

Hoping I hit the nail straight to its head.





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December 13. 2017


Going Back To My Place

Fresh from my short gallivanting to an uncharted territory, I’m here and back again. Life, really, has a lot of surprises stored in a box and tempting us to open.

And since everything in life comes in twins…black and white, yin and yang, good and bad, etc, it is interesting to note, you cannot always get what you want in life.



Life Has Much To Offer

Anyways, the world is round and we should not be disappointed if an unexpected happened, everyone has his own fair share of happiness, loneliness, cheer and despair.


And since I’m here and back again, I will continue to delve into the subject I have started, which is the Filipina dating sites.

For a while, I explored Philippine politics in the sense that it has made a big impact on the moral fiber of my fellow Filipinos. Not only it corrupted their minds but it created a culture of submissiveness inside them, shouting in unison… “If you cannot lick ’em, join em” mantra. Filipinos became subservient that they were pressed down to the ground of destitute and hopelessness.

The Jumping Board

Dating sites became the Filipinas jumping board and their last resort to escape from the bondage of poverty to move up and regain their self-respect.

Wishes always come with a price even the dreams. But then, why dream small when you can dream big, if in anyways, you pay for it unwittingly.

Leaving your family and your birth place will surely take tolls from you, but you won’t care, what is important is to realize your dream, even if it is big or small. Nobody but you can make your dream happens. No matter what impediments come across you way, you shall overcome.

The Hunt For Your Savior Is On

Living in the sad state of squalor can also give you some head starts. Without your knowing, you acquire additional strength to weather some proverbial storms you are facing and winning some personal battles that tested your wit and grit.

Now, your mind is sallying across the universe and setting out to start your life’s biggest challenge… the hunt for your savior is on!

Here You Go…

Time seems to be running out … Even your patience is thinning out, every second is so precious, who will want to stay in a place anymore which is bereft of things to make one’s life a little more meaningful and if you are so fed up with hand-to-mouth existence that had begun in the early days of your life.

If only you had the chance to choose the life you would want to be, before you were born…but nobody had that slightest chance!

As you look into the mirror and see your physical attributes. It gives you a sigh of relief and realized you are blessed to pursue your dreams of good life. Provide subsistence to your family, lift them up from their pitiful condition and most of all, provide something for your own self. You said to yourself, I’m just a few steps away to find my savior.


Sexy Girl 30


The Moments You Have Waited

You are guided by a friend to register to a dating site which she recommended, after feeding in your personal details, you are told to wait. In this age of social networks revolution, no one lives in Jurassic age now, almost everyone has a social network profile, in fact, a lot of your time is used daily to like, share, and follow your friends messages.

A daily routine you love to do, because for you, it’s a manna from heaven! Even if, sometimes it caused you to exceed your budget limit.

When you are online,  checking your social media profile, it makes you feel you really exist and sharing this world with others.

Suddenly,  on the screen of your laptop comes out a face smiling broadly and waving. You guessed the guy must be an American because of his looks and so you mimicked the guy’s gesture. He waved back and you complimented his gesture once again.

The two of you repeatedly did the same gestures several times.

You are baffled and feeling lost, there must be a language barrier between the two of you because the guy does not speak English language. To start a conversation, you speak in a broken English to introduce yourself, expecting an answer from the guy, but to no avail.

Lost In Translations

He just keeps smiling and waving, started talking, saying words you could not understand. Basically, the two of you could not connect with each other. The feelings are so mutual because both of you get lost in translations.

Thinking of the situation, there must me something wrong in your meeting. Your friend who coaches and seated beside you signaled to cut the conversation. It is just a waste of your money, your time and your efforts. Besides, you are not getting anything from it. You bid goodbye and signed out.

It seems you missed in your first try, your savior must be stuck in the middle of nowhere or maybe in a long hibernation. Only God knows.

Quo vadis Filipinas?

East is east and west is west, and never the twain shall meet.



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December 7, 2017


The Birth Of Philippine Politics

I will shy away from dating sites’ subject in the meanwhile so I can explore another topic which has made so much impact and effects on the moral fiber of my fellow Filipinos, which is Philippines politics. Back in 1898, when the Filipino revolutionaries led by General Emilio Aguinaldo proclaimed independence from Spain, a revolutionary government was formed and was considered as the first democracy in Far East Asia. The Filipinos who formed the revolutionary government came from different walks of life. They were not only revolutionaries, some of them where known entrepreneurs, educators, artists and military officers. Even if it was a short-lived government, Filipinos proved to the world that they were talented, educated, nationalistic, can govern themselves free from any foreign interference. It was at this stage that the Filipinos were already exposed to the imminent dangers of the Philippine politics which was nurtured and was about to grow if not for the internal squabbles among the leaders who all wanted to be on the top of political hierarchy. Two factions with different ideologies tried to outdo each other, the top honcho of the pro-people organization and his leaders were summarily executed in the behest of the short-lived Philippine president.

Effects Of Politics To The Filipinos

That time, no country in the world could stand against the military might of the United States. If you were an enemy, you had only two options left, it was either you lay down your arms or die. It was a struggle which Filipinos had no slightest chance of winning. They were inferior to American colonizers in all aspects, in numbers, modern armaments and military training. There were some battles they won but they totally lost the war. It was a never ending quest for independence of which Filipinos never backed out. Filipinos even fought along with the American against the Japanese Imperial Army during the second world war. A great show of resiliency of the Filipinos. An attribute that propelled them to finally gain independence from the United States after a long period of fighting and losing. When the second world war ended in 1945, and the Japanese forces surrendered to American forces, a democratic government was installed. The right to suffrage for which America was the staunchest advocate, was granted to the Filipinos. They were given the right to choose their leaders and it seemed they had made a good start. They savored democracy to the point that they toyed with it later. Politics inundated the minds of the Filipinos, It became careers to those who had the means to sustain expensive political campaigns. Philippine elections became dirty and got murkier to this day.

The Two Party Political System

The first Philippine constitution was patterned, a perfect rehash from the constitution of the United States. It had all the contents and substance of the United States constitution that even her two party political system was copied by the Filipinos. It was known the world over how this two party political system perfectly worked for the Americans. The Filipinos thought and believed, if it worked on the Americans, this would also work well with us. At the first glance, it worked because that time the Philippines had a vast pool of political talents that where patriotic, nationalist and incorruptible.

In no time, the Philippine political landscape was littered with personalities who were born with silver spoons in their mouths. They dominated the place were they ruled until they reached their senility. They had come to love politics so much that they never wanted to go down and give ways to new faces who could bring about changes. There were some several notable political figures who, indeed, performed very good and became well-loved by their constituents but their numbers could be counted on our fingers. And they left the political scene early because they possessed the so-called delicadeza, the word that did not ring a bell to modern day politicians. The rest were all corrupt and greedy and the only thing they know was to stuff their pockets with money intended to be used for the welfare of their constituents.

Politics As Part And Parcel Of Filipinos Ways Of Life

But the Filipinos came to love being corrupted because they could also share the loot if they would cooperate. It was like dividing the spoils with one another to the detriment of the people who were deprived of the social services. More often, voters voted the wrong candidates who used goons, guns and gold and what they got in return? Just all miseries … and they never learned! ” You scratch my back, I will scratch yours” became the rule of the thumb.

The world keeps on turning so does the fate of the Philippine voters. Now and then, lawmakers crafted laws in the pretext that it would benefit their constituents but these would turn out only for their own convenience. Basic services would pass through the eye of the needle before it reached the beneficiaries. Even government offices are filled with incompetent officials who sleep on their jobs. Red tape is rampant in all government offices. If you want to speed up your transactions, you have to shell out some amount of money that will change hands. Politics of patronage is the name of the game, and if you are an apolitical type of person, you should align with the party in power, if not, you are in for a big disappointment.

The Rise Of Political Dynasty

In the Philippines, there is a small percentage of affluent Filipinos but still they got the upper hand and control in all aspects of the society. Big businesses are owned by the oligarchs cum politicians or the other way around, politician who became oligarchs. These are people who think politics is also a big business. The reason why political clan continues to cling to power by anointing their relatives to inherit their political positions. It is like going around circle with no stopping. If the father’s term is finished, he maybe succeeded either by his wife or his son who were already trained to take the reins. This is a good example of political dynasty which is scattered all over the country. Recent studies show that in any place of the country where there is political dynasty, the place remains impoverished and getting poorer. The family in power controls the business and wealth is shared by a few people.

This is one reason why the economic growth of the country is curtailed and kept at bay as a whole. Filipinos who are looking for well paying jobs have to leave the country and work elsewhere. It is good Filipinos are fast learners, industrious, God-fearing and family oriented. These qualities that saw them through different life adversities. Filipinos must be born winners!


Of late, there where some instances when some lawmakers tried to abolish political dynasties by crafting laws that would end this inherent political practice, but these became some futile exercises because nobody in his own mind would want to write his own obituary. There are some political newbies today who at the early stage of their terms showed some new ideologies and competence. And the people are slowly seeing some signs that their votes where not wasted. But still, it’s a long way to go. It will be an up and down shaky ride before we finally reach our destination. Shall I say, I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel now!



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The State of Filipinas Dating in the Philippines

The Philippines was invaded by three foreign countries and was colonized right after it was discovered by Ferdinand Magellan, the famous Portuguese who was aided by Spain in his Philippine conquest. Spain colonized the country for more than three centuries and was ditched out later by the Americans who also colonized the Philippines for less than fifty years. The last invaders were the Japanese who took control of the entire archipelago for almost five years. Summing this up, our country was in the hands of foreign invaders for almost four centuries leaving the Filipinos a multi-cultural heritage that composed of western, Castilian and eastern cultures. It seems we, Filipinos, has lost our identity already when we embraced our newly-found mixed and match culture.

The looks of white people who temporarily lived and stayed in the Philippines fascinated the Filipinas. These all started from the days the Spaniards came over followed by the Americans who were also Caucasian looking. Some members of American forces stayed even after the war to man several air and naval bases scattered all over the Philippines.

American servicemen started marrying Filipinas who were later brought to America by their husbands after their tours of duty. Most of the marriages became successful and brought forth vast opportunities for Filipinas to live comfortably in America. This situation was so contagious and later became status symbol as the poor Filipinas started to chase their American dreams.

In the olden days when means of communication were scarce in the Philippines, it was so difficult for single Filipinas to meet and to be known by their would-be life partners. Even the relationships were developed in a slow-snail pace. Often times, exchanging letters which was then called pen-pals was the main conduit of their relationships. Living in America and coming to Manila to meet Filipina fiancee was an expensive option for the American suitor. What more to a Filipina fiancee who was financially incapable to travel to America. It was such a very difficult situation to both of them. There were instances where meetings and acquaintances were done in haste resulting to unsuccessful marriages. Some shady individuals got into the scene, mail order bride was born but did not grow and scuttled in infancy as it victimized some Filipinas who unwittingly became preys. Not only Americans became interested to marry Filipinas, there came, Britons and other European gentlemen and later, Australians, too. It is seldom we see Filipinas get married to fellow Asians.

The Emergence of Dating Sites in the Philippines

As we approached twentieth century, the world has witnessed many changes as the civilization moved towards modernization.

The means of communications took a great leap forward, the information highway which we called internet was discovered, telephones were succeeded by cellphones with cameras and lately by smart phones with more advanced features. These gadgets bridged the gap and the spaces that surrounded us before. The lines of communication are everywhere and just a dial or a click away.

Technology has also made some progress in the communications between Filipina singles and foreign gentlemen who are both seeking lifetime partners. With the aid of the internet, dating sites were invented primarily to single ladies and bachelors for them to be able to know each other very well. They can see and talk to each other through webcams any time and any place they want without any interference. The acquaintances bloomed to relationships quicker that finally would end up to marital proposals. Sooner, dating sites proliferated like mushrooms all over the globe, classified into several categories. Cue words such as singles dating and Christians dating became familiar to the ears.

However, not all went well and ended up well with dating sites in the Philippines. It turned up ugly when some enterprising individuals wanted to cash in on the thriving dating industry, fake dating sites came into being that wrought havoc to the detriment of unsuspecting ladies. Since then, dating sites were never been the same because not all dating sites now are genuine. It became a front for prostitution and human trafficking as well.

The Perils of Fake Dating Sites to Single Filipinas

Born in an impoverished place, the promise of good life pushes the Filipinas to seek for a greener pasture somewhere, while at the same time, carrying the burden of providing subsistence to other family members they would leave behind, which oftentimes, putting themselves at risks in so many ways. While success does not happen overnight, it always has a shortcut for them, and dating sites is the fastest way for them to attain their goals. This is where fake dating sites take into the scene, lured the would be victims by promising them even the moon and the stars that shine above, which more often than not, their dreams of comfortable life go down the drain forever.
Unlike their Asian contemporaries, Filipinas are resilient like a bamboo. They can be swayed but it is hard to put them down, this character makes them a cut above the rest. They got what it takes to survive and to succeed in their personal conquest of changing their lives for the better.

Safeguarding and Protecting Filipinas from Fake Dating Sites

It cannot be denied how dating sites had played an important role in the lives of the Filipinas in the past. As long as there is poverty, all the more they dream to escape from squalor. And dating site is their means of finding their knights in shiny armor who would rescue them from neglect and despair. This is the fastest way where they can meet their savior. These are facts that cannot be denied, something has to be done in order to safeguard and protect the welfare of Filipinas who are seeking foreign life-time partners and to ensure the sanctity of marriages that were hatched through the dating sites. Only the government has the wherewithals to do it. A law should be crafted to regulate those dating sites operating in the country, primarily to lessen the risks faced by Filipina singles who seek foreign life-time partners through these online dating sites.


Should the Philippine government regulate the operations of dating sites in the country. An agency should be tasked to implement the law that would be crafted beforehand. Changes will not happen  overnight but it will benefit the Filipinas over time. Moreover, fake dating sites will diminish and genuine dating sites will remain operating in the Philippines.



Credits go to wikimedia.org, freeimages, sxc.hu and  iStock for photos and images used in this blog.


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  1. Hello Sir Rene!

    My ten cents worth, the issue on Filipinas dating scam dates back to a decade or probably even more but the underlying issue is far worse ….it cannot be denied that due to scarcity of job opportunities and lack of more decent filipino men , most filipina women fall prey to these scam. I hope and pray for the government’s more active participation in protecting the welfare of filipinas. If there is a body that will ensure the rights of our women, i’d definitely campaign for your name to be on top of the list.

    1. Hi Ma’am Bless,

      Thank you so much. You tickled me pink in your comment. Nice to hear words from someone who has a deep insight in almost all issues that affect our day to day living. We are on the same boat and feeling the same sea breeze. My best regards!!!

  2. I finally remembered and found time to read the article. I’ll say it’s pretty impressive for a beginner. This is a timely issue and sadly a prevalent problem in a country whose big source of income comes from exporting manpower or labor, where it has become a dream of many women to marry foreigners in order to get away from poverty. Sadly, many of them end up broken hearted and disillusioned. I hope some lawmakers enact legislations to minimize this problem if not to completely eradicate it.
    Keep on blogging. It’s a very good exercise for the mind. May your blog increase!! dansp48

    1. Thanks a lot Kaka. I like your comments. Blogging is one way of driving boredom away and it also exercises my brains so as not to develop alzheimer’s illness. Best regards to all of you.

  3. I am so glad you are blogging on this issue! I feel it is important. You will change the outcome of young peoples lives!

    Thanks again!

    1. Thank you so much Rich2018 for your encouraging remarks. I do wish you succeed in your WA journey.

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