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The Merits Of Dating Sites


One Of The Few Colorful Stories


In line with my blog objective to alleviate the plights of Filipina ladies who jumped on the bandwagon of dating sites in their never ending quest for quality life abroad, I feel it is also incumbent upon me to discuss the merits of dating sites, like a coin which has two sides, its face and its tail, dating sites have their own good and bad sides, too. This time, I’m about to tell a story of a Filipina lady who is residing in a country in Europe, she visited my blog site lately and had confided me her real story which falls on the good side of dating sites. Let’s just call her Nadia.



Her family was known in the community for being kind and living a modest, yet decent life. At the early age of five, she was enrolled in a catholic school by her parents where she became one of the prominent faces in the school campus later on. In the brood of six, She was the prettiest among the three ladies and the brightest of them all in reference to their school achievements. She was the type of person who put all her time in everything she did. In short, she was an achiever and highly intelligent. Since Nadia was human, she was prone to commit mistakes also and she learned her lessons the hard way, too. It was when her world suddenly took its turn and stood still. From this point on, her own travails began and saw the merits of dating sites afterwards.



Following Her Dreams

Like any normal teenagers, Nadia had her crushes and admirers, too. She was the life of whatever party she attended, because her parents wanted her not to be left behind, she was provided with all the things that a teenager like her would need which made her the standout in and out of the school and in her community. One of her admirers was a son of a town official who aside from being rich was powerful in their town. We will call him Jeffry, not his real name. Nadia was actually head over heels to him from the start but she did not want love to cross her path while she was studying. Although she sometimes mesmerized what a kiss and hug from a boyfriend was.



Jeffry was groomed by his father to become his political heir apparent and it was his father’s wish Jeffry would become a lawyer someday while Nadia was an apolitical person who thought too much politics hindered her country’s growth. She witnessed how people became poorer as there was no continuity in every government program. Government officials had come and gone and left the country and its people in the sad state of affairs. Nadia’s dream was to pursue higher studies abroad and work in a world organization like United Nations and to join African mission so she could make a name for herself in a very noble way and make her country proud of her. It’s how what she wanted to be in the near future.



Love Made Her Crazy Sometimes

It’s February and Nadia’s school was preparing for its annual senior ball. It’s a very special occasion that only happened once in a blue moon so everybody in school was so excited in its preparations, besides it was one of the school’s culminating activities, a must for everyone to attend.  Nadia and Jeffry were tasked to do a special dance number to highlight the occasion. The problem was, Jeffrey could hardly dance and follow the steps because he was born with two left feet while Nadia showed some terpsichorean prowess when she easily mastered the steps while Jeffry could not. It’s already late and they decided to go and agreed to continue practicing the next day. Jeffry offered a ride home which Nadia readily accepted.



As they traversed the way to Nadia’s home, the traffic was moving in a snail pace, Jeffry started holding Nadia’s hand, she did not resist his advances, she could not understand herself because she liked to feel Jeffrey’s hand, too. They were not talking but it seemed they were under the spell of something which they could not fathom. She was defenseless and passive to what Jeffrey was doing with her. The car’s tinted windows were the mute witnesses for what they were doing inside the car.

Since it was rush hours already, all the streets were clogged with vehicles and can be mistaken as parking lots. Jeffry tried another way where there were several motels lining up on both sides. She was naive but she was not ignorant. She would want to shout at Jeffrey and told him they were committing a big mistake and it should be stopped. But to her dismay, her mouth could not utter any words and just went with the current and for the first time, she felt her body was burning with desire to be touched, hugged and kissed by Jeffry. “If it is a dream, I don’t want to wake up yet”, she told herself.



When Sin, Took Toll From Her

Nadia was home past midnight, the first time it happened to her. When her parents asked her why she came home late, she answered them politely but she could not look straight to their eyes. “We were so worried about you because you failed to return our calls,” Nadia told them they should not worry anymore because she is already home after which she went to her room to clean herself up and change her clothing.

She could not understand why she felt so dirty and restless after that incident in the motel. But there was that guilty feeling deep inside her. That night, Nadia’s innocence seemed to be blown away from her well-being and was taken over by pride. “Is there anything I can be proud of ?”, she asked herself. Then she remembered Jeffry, she wanted to talk to him to find out if he also felt the same thing, she dialed Jeffrey’s number but to no avail, she received no answer from him after several tries.



In school, the first thing that came to Nadia’s mind was to see Jeffry and talk to him. She missed Jeffry too much which she never felt before. For her, Jeffry was so important figure to her now and she wanted to know how was he  doing, “Is he feeling alright or not ?” Everything in her world had changed overnight. Was she already in love with Jeffry? “Why am I acting like this, ” she asked herself repeatedly. It was past three in the afternoon but there was no sight of Jeffry. Even his friends were wondering what had happened to him. The day was finished already and yet, there was no Jeffry, even his shadow. There was no option left for Nadia but to head home with a broken heart. She felt so sad that she cried so much along the way.


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The Damsel In Distress

“What comes around, goes around.” Nadia learned the bad news that circulated in the campus. Jeffry left to US a couple of days ago. He would stay there and continue his studies and there was no assurance if he could come back again. Why the haste and it was so sudden? Nadia felt her world crumbled and a thunderbolt hit her. She looked up on the skies and ask, “Lord, why it is happening to me, forgive me if I sinned and don’t forsake me, please!” Some of her classmates saw her emotions and got puzzled with the way she was acting. It was so strange for them to see why Nadia felt so bad about Jeffry’s sudden departure to the US. If only they would know what really transpired between them, they would not wonder but she and Jeffry did something in secrecy and she would keep it a secret, no matter what happened.



A month passed after Jeffry left to the US and Nadia tried to pick up the pieces and start over again even if she was still feeling devastated, She did try everything to hide her emotions in front of her parents. She was expecting Jeffry would communicate with her accros the thousand miles and tell her how he missed her. It seemed Jeffry was in a Jurassic place where there was no means of communications. The reason why she could not receive any news from him. She just consoled herself and thought she would hear something from Jeffry any time soon, then again, she cried and pitied herself.



Nadia woke up the next morning feeling some dizziness followed by vomiting. She tried to remember what did she had in supper last night that might have triggered her dizziness and vomiting but she was so sure it had nothing to do with it. Then something popped up on her mind but she was so afraid to think of it. What if she was impregnated by Jeffry. What if she would bear a child and become a mother? Nadia could not find the answer to her question, She saw herself hanging by a thread and would fall down on the ground anytime.



The Truth Shall Set Her Free

What she did was informing the school she was not feeling well and could not attend her class. She had the slightest idea of what would happen next. Without her knowing, her parents were also in a quandary because they were really sure, something was wrong with their Nadia. “Hon, would it be okay for you if we talk to our daughter now, I’m sure something is bothering her lately, she’s acting strangely, maybe she is sick and looks so problematic!” The husband said, “That is what in my mind, too, It’s good that you told me.” The wife heaved a big sigh and held her husband’s hand, then tagged him towards Nadia’s room. “I can’t wait any longer, she must tell us what troubling her and why is she acting so strange to us these days.”



Nadia heard the knocks and her parents voices asking her to open up, she gazed at the mirror in her dresser to see if she looked nice, wiped the tear marks on her cheeks and put a smile on her face to conceal her emotion. She opened the door and let her parents come in. Her father kissed her on the cheek while her mother hugged her so tight. Suddenly, she remembered Jeffry and imagined him kissing and hugging her like what her parents just did to her.

“What’s up darling? We haven’t had any chat nor conversation lately, Your dad and me missed you very much. Something’s bothering you, my dear?” Her mother dearly asked. At this juncture, Nadia could not answer, her body trembled and started crying. She was not used to telling a lie ever since. She embraced her mother tightly, leaned on her shoulders and cried out loud. It released the burden on her shoulder, finally got hold of her strength and told everything to her parents who listened intently.



Her Time To Move On

The doctor called Nadia to come in, “I would like to congratulate you, it is positive that you are pregnant, I made a prescription that will ensure the baby’s wellness.” Nadia nodded and just said, “thank you doctor,” then she got out of the clinic to go home. Her parents were so anxious to hear from her. “What did the doctor tell you darling?,”her mother asked. ” She just confirmed I’ll become a mother soon,” she answered back. “Like what we had planned, we will do everything to make sure your baby will be fine and well until you give birth. You will continue your studies even if you are pregnant.” Nadia retorted back, ” Mama, it won’t take long, my classmates will see the bump on my stomach, I’ll become the butt of jokes in school if that happens!” Her mother was still calm saying, “all problems have their solutions, you shall overcome, darling”. Nadia just hurriedly went to her room and did not utter any words anymore.



Nadia was contemplating to go to school again. She felt she was still not okay to go out and so sure she lost her interest in her schooling. Her baby and her situation were her first priorities now. It’s quite normal for any Filipino families to have relatives living in other countries, specifically in the US. Her father’s brother and sister were in the US, too, for a long time so did her mother who had sisters living in Australia. Nadia said to herself, ” I think, I got the solution to my problem already.”

She went to her parents’ room to see if she could talk to them. Both of them agreed and let her in. Her father’s first reaction was, “I don’t see your uncle and your aunt can accommodate you at this time, they are all hard up and struggling in the US,” Then, Nadia waited for her mother’s words. “It was the same situation darling, your aunts in Australia are not doing good also and in dire straits at this time,” to which Nadia exclaimed, ” when they are vacationing here, they act like they are rich and have plenty of money to spend, now that I need their help, you’d tell me they are all broke!”, The discussion ended without results.



Throwing Her Last Card On The Table.

She texted Jeffry’s closest friends to find out if they knew his US whereabouts. Everyone texted her back with the same answers, nobody knew Jeffry’s address and phone number in the US. Nadia felt so helpless and could not control her crying. At this point in time, she needed someone to comfort and join her in her time of loneliness. Had Jeffry known what was happening to her at this moment, she thought Jeffry would hurriedly come home and console her but where was he now? He was nowhere to be found like a needle fell in a haystack.

Again, she felt some hungriness for sour tasting fruits, she craved so much to eat them, she remembered her cousin who also got pregnant before and who requested some raw mangoes from her quipping she would die if she could not eat what she wanted. She could not help but smile. Nadia knew very well her situation now and she must do something for the sake of her would be baby, come hell or high water!



Suddenly an idea struck Nadia’s mind, why not she tries dating sites?, Nadia knew about dating sites because she is well-informed and regularly browsing over the internet in her free time. After taking a light breakfast and took a glass fresh orange juice, she sat in front of her laptop and logged in. At first, she was quite hesitant to divulge some of her personal circumstances but later on freely gave all the details which were asked in the form she was filling up. She hoped and prayed something and someone would come out and to solve her problems.



Cutting The Long Story Short

The search became successful as if God’s hand was doing it for her. It did not take her long to accomplish all the pertinent papers that would be needed in her departure. She landed in Berlin, Germany where she and her husband Helmut lived in harmony. She was accepted by her husband’s family and being loved so much. She has a child with Helmut while her first born child was named after Helmut’s name, his name sake. They have a blooming construction business in Berlin and her role is attending to the administrative side of their business. They visited the Philippines twice already. Helmut is planning to build a house in her province and settle there when they retire in the future. Helmut has come to love the place, the climate and the people’s hospitality.



Now, Nadia is basking on her glory and she is vacationing together in the Philippines with her husband, Helmut and her kids. Her homecoming this time is somewhat bittersweet because they came home purposely to attend the burial of her father who succumbed to heart attack recently. Nadia knows her father is at peace whenever he is now because he saw her daughter successfully weathered the proverbial storm in her life. Her mother is doing alright and enjoying the company of her grandchildren. Nadia has nothing to be asked for because she is blessed with everything she has wished in her life.




Credits go to Google for providing the pictures and images used in this article.

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