Oh My! It’s Love’ Month Again…

This article is already late because February 14 is already in the book. I could have written this earlier had I not been busy with my usual chores which used to occupy most of my time, letting me pass the chance to open up my laptop and scribbled some words with some connections with the Philippine celebration of Day of Hearts, a.k.a. Valentine’s Day. For romantic Filipinos, this is a special day in which to show to their loved ones how much they love and care for them.

I know it is also being observed by some Filipinos who got married and settled in other countries with their foreign espouses, but the way the Philippines celebrates Valentine’s Day is something extra-ordinary, unique. It is very hard to imitate its glamour and pageantry, something to be proud of by Filipinos themselves who still firmly believe in the magic of Cupid’s arrow. To those Filipinos who are love-struck, they are set to go on dating with their partners which will seal and complement the occasion. Some would do it on the eve of the celebration while some would do it on the day of the celebration itself, but for some Don Quixotes who are financially hard up and baffled, it is a sixty-four-dollar question whether to date or not to date their Donna Dulcineas!

Romanticizing The Event 

Love fills the air as the people, lovers and alike ecstatically wait and counting days, hours and minutes for the special day. Every business establishment in the hospitality industry is offering different kinds of promos to lure customers and to spike their sales revenues. But the flower shop business is the one making a killing several days before the big day comes as almost all Romeos hurriedly buy bouquets of flowers to manifest their love for their Juliets. But not all Romeos are created equals, some have been able to save some bucks for the celebration while some Romeos who are financially challenged are brooding in one corner, fidgeting their fingers and looking for answer whether to date or not to date their beloved Juliets, who like the others are expecting something nice is in store for them in the forthcoming day of hearts’ celebrations.

Valentine’s Day is a festive celebration in the Philippines, Filipinas turned gaga and love-struck. It even boosts trade and commerce in the country as the Filipinos are preparing for the occasion. Hotels are fully booked already several days in advance. Malls are festooned with decors of red hearts of all sizes and cupid images, literally, the town is painted red and with shoppers spending a fortune for gifts to be given to their loved ones.

An Occasion That Knows No Bound 

Truly, Valentine’s Day is an event for all types of people regardless of sex, relationship, nationalities, skin color and even religious affiliations. Since all of us were conceived and born out of love, Everyone feels the same heartbeat and passion. We always want to show our affections towards our loved ones,( although, there are some of us who were born undemonstrative and cold ), but this is not an issue because they also want to feel they are being loved and important to the people they loved.

Even the people that belong to the third sex cannot be outsmarted when it comes to Valentine’s Day celebration. To those well-off individuals, they would want to shower their partners the best gifts available, making their celebration a memorable one. And for some who are out of budget, the celebration must go on even in the simplest form out of extravagance.

In this world of complexities, we are now abounded with things that become a part of our daily living. We are in the radar of technology evolution, or the age of computer in other lingo. We learned to accept things the way we see them which exhibits our open-mindedness and liberalism.

Before, there were only marriages of men and women as dictated by our Christian teachings, least we seldom see people belonging to third sex openly admitting and showing they are in some serious relationships with their same sex partners. This practice was regarded as taboo in the olden days of our society and people who were involved in this kind of relationships were considered on the road to perdition.

The Dawn Of LGBT Era

As the sun sets to give way to another day, the dawn offers many changes and surprises to all of us. God sleeps with the geniuses and thinks within poets…after which, God has handed down a poetic justice!

It took these people of the third sex almost half a century to finally come out of their closets and to show to world they are living and existing in the same world we live in. Slowly, they were accepted, embedded in the society and appreciated their valuable contributions to different industries they have made names for themselves.

Now, we often see same sex marriage that happened in many parts of the globe because some countries have become liberal towards LGBT communities and has since passed laws allowing same sex marriage in their countries. The Philippines is following the trend, being the only Catholic nation in Asia has already softened its stance vis-a-vis same sex marriage and the present administration is on the verge of allowing it before it finishes its term. If this happens, it will be another moral victory for the third sex communities in the Philippines and in this regard, we can also expect a lovelier and more colorful celebrations of Valentine’s Day in the Philippines in not so distant years.


The world is getting old, so do us. it is completely different from the world we knew before wherein pollution, green house effects, global warming were the words so alien to us but became so familiar with as time went on. Armed conflicts are found in all four corners of the world brought about by contradicting religious beliefs and political upheavals. Hate and anger overcome the people’s sense of righteousness.

Lives and limbs are no sacred anymore but to kill and to maim people is the name of the game in order to move the selfish ambitions of a few to a greater extent. What a dangerous and cruel world we are living now. And in the last three hundred sixty-four days of the year, we lose the heart to understand the feelings of others. We failed to share our love with someone we love, we can’t give something without expecting a return, we know how to receive but don’t know how to reciprocate. Not only we lose the heart to love but some of our sensibilities, too.

It’s good there is Valentine’s Day. The day which we can reclaim the hearts and the sensibilities we lose. At least, once a year, there is a lull in some foolishness of the things we do. Time and again, we reverted to our old form of being affectionate to others and in a day, we learn how to love and be loved again. At least, once a year, we let love rule the world once again. Belated Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you!!!

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